Don’t let the big boots fool you. Besides running a Metro Vancouver residential/office junk removal company, Klear Out’s head junk man is also the smarts behind the 5R‘s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Renovate and Repair.

It came quite naturally really. A chair fixed here, a file cabinet repaired there — another item kept out of landfills. Eventually small handyman repairs grew to home and office repairs, then fix-it projects soon turned into office installations and home renovations. This meant a new and significant category of rubbish: construction waste. It was time to think beyond waste, thus the 5R‘s was born.

By combining handyman services with junk removal services, Klear Out found a way to leverage partnerships with local charities, recycling depots and municipalities to make the most out of renovation projects and waste collected.

Who knew junk removal and handyman services would turn out to be so complimentary?

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We do not accept hazardous wastes, paints, liquid waste and sludges, explosive substances, chemicals, lumber, timber of logs longer than 12 feet, contaminated soil, batteries, asbestos or material containing asbestos.

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